Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sometimes It's Just Not Fair...

Life. Sometimes, we have our good days and then there are the bad. Bad hair days, bad mood days, bad friend days, just plain old bad days. As parents we wish we could erase the bad days our kids have and throw them away. I would rather my own kids' feelings be hurt then have them hurt someone else, but gosh, it sure makes it hard to swallow when one of them get hurt, doesn't it? What I wouldn't give to go back in time and make sure I smiled at everyone everyday just in case they were having a hard time. I only hope I can raise my kids to do that. I have a child, won't mention which one, that had something kinda unfortunate happen to them and this child REALLY rose to the occasion and forgave the person who wronged them. This was even after I complained and moaned and groaned about the situation...they still forgave. I am so impressed with this kid, so amazed at their willingness to move on and forget about how they have been wronged. I am blessed to have such a great kid be such a great example to ME! I learned a lot from that kid that day and I sure am lucky to be their Mom.

I love them!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Crickets and Trees....

Tonight is so peaceful and quiet. Key word...quiet. THAT is an unfamiliar word in my home and I am happy that it is because what would I do without the sound of this and the sound of that. But tonight as each little and big kid is tucked into bed I am taken back to the summer days of my own childhood. I remember when I was little I had a white cat named Snowball...imagine that, me...with a cat!! (BTW...sorry cat lovers, but I really do not like cats in my aged years) Anyhow, I remember getting up early in the summer to go outside and feed little Snowball her allotment of milk for the day. Then I remember climbing up in my Grandma's apple tree until the sun was completely up and it was time to move on with my day. Then came the joy of running carefree through the sprinklers. Walking down to get a twist ice cream cone. Exploring in the "forest" which was really just a group of trees near our house, and making forts. Lying on my bed reading a book....watching old re-runs of whatever was on....lying under the big tree in front of my house and counting the leaves until I fell asleep, going on long bike rides, french fries and strawberry/banana shakes, suntan oil, midnight hikes, long talks that lasted well beyond curfew, night games, drive in movies, doing nothing at all, sleeping in until noon, pancakes for lunch, picnics by the pond, watermelon wedges, the fresh smell of Russian Olive Trees, the crickets softly singing the world to sleep and the quiet. Why is it that when we are little we are so aware of everything that is around us? Everything means counts. And then as we grow older, we don't have time for THOSE things anymore. Instead we need to do the dishes, fold the clothes, wipe down one last counter. So tonight as I sit here listening to a very loud cricket, I am making a vow to notice. Notice the still of the mornings, the vibrant show that the sunset puts on at night, the way the trees look when their leaves blow in the soft breeze, and just summer in general. What are your favorite summer memories? Please share.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Kiana!!!

It's a major blogging faux pas when you wait one whole MONTH to post your baby's first birthday!!! However, I am back in business and ready to devote this whole post to my darling little one year old. Kiana is the happiest baby ever. Her smile is constant and very contagious. She loves looking at books, and playing with anything other than her toys...that means she is in the bathroom and kitchen drawers all the time!! Needless to say, any organization that I once had is long gone. That's okay, she's well worth it. She is almost walking (would you want to walk if you had 5 other people who would carry you???), has her two bottom teeth, laughs hysterically when tickled, looooves books, puts up her one little pointer finger when you ask her how old she is, points to her eyes on demand, loves to eat
bananas, cheese sandwiches, oranges, and any piece of candy she can get her chubby little hands on. She truly is the light of our's impossible to be in a bad mood around Kiana. She is learning how to throw little tantrums which are still cute, for now. She will give kisses (the kind that come with lots of slobber) and pats your back. She dances to any music and will push her little toys that play music until she finds her best "groove out" tune. She is a joy!!!

Birthday Balloons from Dad!!!

Ladybug cake made by Mom....mysteriously missing some chunks of cake...mmmmhmmm...wonder who sampled??? Of course everyone is innocent!

Oh yeah...bring it on over!!!

The face and hands say it all...

Lots of presents with lots of helpers!

Happy Birthday, Little Kiki!!!