Friday, April 3, 2009

The Most Recent Kid Conversation Starring....You Guessed It, Malia!!!

Malia(getting in the car after school): Mom, do you know what I decided today?

Me: No Malia, what did you decide?

Malia: I decided that love stinks when you're six.

Me (smiling): Really? Why?

Malia: Because, today Ilan broke up with me. He told me he is too young for a girlfriend.

Me: Well, he is too young, and so are you.

Malia: Well, now Micah likes me. But I am just going to be friends with him.

Me: Really? That's a great idea.

Malia (after a long pause and sigh): Yeah, but love still stinks. Because I feel sad.

Me (thinking): Get used to it! It only gets worse the older you get in school.
What I actually said: I know honey, but you'll meet someone else.

Malia (brightening up): Yeah, I told Ilan we could be "together" when we're in high school. He said okay! Now I have to wait ALL those years.

Me(thinking again): WHAT AM I IN FOR????

Two days later at parent teacher conference:

Malia's teacher: Has Malia mentioned anything about boys to you?

Me (cringing): Ummm...yeah.

Teacher: She really likes them and they like her.

Me (cringing, panicking and thinking again): WHAT AM I IN FOR???