Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Obamas are Coming for Dinner!!!

So, Kione attended the same high school in Hawaii (Punahou) as our new President did. They obviously were not in the same grade since Kione is MUCH younger than Obama...but this is how the story goes just the same...

On Tuesday, my good friend, Tricia was bringing Malia and her daughter home from dance when Malia proudly announced that her Dad went to school with Barack Obama and we knew his phone number and could call him anytime we want!!!! She then proceeded to notify everyone that he was coming to dinner. Yes, fellow Americans, Barack Obama and family will be putting the country on hold so they can jet on over to the Gonzales home for one of our snazzy, formal dinners!!!!! Well, when she got home and we notified her that even though President Obama and Dad went to the same school together, they didn't know each other and weren't even there at the same time, although Kione claims that he's SURE Obama wishes he knew him (kione).

Well, Malia was torn down and distraught. Her dreams of actually calling the Obama's (including little Malia Obama) over for dinner were shattered! She then proceeded to write a letter to Malia Obama explaining her frustrations! Who knows? It could work!!!

p.s. Anytime, Trish, anytime!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Bragging Rights...

When we were in Las Vegas with Kione's family to ring in the new year, our good friend took pictures of the girls. After viewing them, I have decided that I needed to have a "mommy bragging moment"...take a look at my cute girls!!!! I love them!
Tiare, Malia, and Kiana...sooo cute!!!

Yes...I do love those cheeks and they are usually red at the end of the day from being kissed so much!!

Words just can't describe how cute she is!!!

So cute and oh, so sweet!!