Tuesday, March 2, 2010


As I watch the days come and go, my kids grow like little weeds,and as the memories are being made I realize one thing...I need to start documenting these precious moments!!! This is good stuff and I can't miss it anymore.
First, I feel so bad about not giving Tai his own page for his birthday that was clear back in, oh, NOVEMBER!!!!! So, without further guilt eating away at my insides, this one's for you little buddy!

Tai...this kid has and always will pull at my heartstrings. I have been told that I tend to "baby" him, and of course I'm going to baby him...he's my only little boy. When Tai was born he came out with a very loud and
very demanding announcement to the world that he has made his debut. Now, things haven't exactly changed, he can be a little on the loud side and demanding(???) well, let's just say that he takes after his Mom and likes things to go the right way...his way! :) But all of that aside, there is nothing that has melted my heart more than watching him grow up on his way to becoming a young man. As I looked at Tai for the first time in LDS hospital, my hopes and aspirations for him were way low compared to what he has accomplished at such a young age. He is a wonderful straight A student, a very competitive and talented athlete (not by me, of course), is always up for a good laugh, sooo cute with little babies, and has eyelashes that will melt any girls' heart...including mine. I love him so so much and he brings a wonderful dimension to our family with girls. Lucky for him, he has a dad that coaches him in everything he does and helps form him into the wonderful person he is becoming. Tai turned 10 years old on November 17, 2009. And secretly, I shed a little tear as I tucked him in. Love you, bud