Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy "Late" Birthday, Tiare!!

Well, once again I have failed...I didn't "blog" my daughter's birthday until AFTER the big day. But, better late than never, right? Right from the beginning, Tiare was IN charge! When I was 4 months pregnant, my water broke. The doctors told me there was really nothing that could be done, so Kione and I prepared ourselves to lose our precious little baby. After time spent in the hospital and months on bed rest, a miracle happened and I carried Tiare to full term. Let me rephrase that, I carried her PAST full term. Thirteen. Freaking. Days. Past. My. Due. Date. Can you say BEAR????? Because that was what I had become at that point. Then, on the night of my one year anniversary, Tiare decided that she was coming for sure this time. The next day, August 21 1995 at 1:30 p.m. the most wonderful thing in my life happened to me....I was given a perfect, beautiful baby girl. I will never forget when we took Tiare home. We sat there in our basement apartment in Sugarhouse, SLC, UT. and stared. We stared and stared and stared. Then, we asked each other what we should do now??? Well, being the take charge girl that she is, Tiare took the situation into her own hands and notified us that she needed to be fed NOW! I can honestly say that up to that point in my life I have NEVER loved anyone the way I loved that sweet little baby. I was blessed to spend 4 years alone with Tiare and devote all of my time to her before Tai came along. I will never forget the sweet times I spent with her taking her on long walks, reading and reading and reading, mending her Elmo doll and mending him again, taking her to the beach, pushing her in the swing, picnicking and savoring every moment with her. Tiare has now become 14 years old!!! I don't know how it happened, but I blinked one day and there she longer a baby, but a wonderful, beautiful, sincere and loyal young lady. I could go on and on about this girl...but to sum her up I will say that anyone lucky enough to know "T" will never doubt her faithfulness to the relationships she forms. Tiare is a one of a kind, forgiving, honest, talented person. Her middle name, Kamaleimailani, means beloved child from Heaven. And from Heaven she has come to bless my life, her family's lives, her friends, and those whose paths she will cross in the future. I love you, T. I am sooooo proud of you and would never want anything else in an oldest daughter. Happy Birthday....and I hope this next year DRAGS very, very slowly because I do NOT want you to grow up!!!!