Monday, November 2, 2009

Malia Kilinaheokamalulani Gonzales

How would YOU like to learn to say Malia's name???? Kilinahe'o'kamaluluani. Yep, that's what I found out her middle name was as I sat in the hospital with my sweet little baby. As I looked down at her, thinking that her name was almost the size of a story, I had to chuckle. I had to practice, not just for days, now, we're talking weeks, to be able to say all of my kids' names. But I must say that Malia's name took the cake for being the most difficult of all. Her name means soft, misty rains of the calm heaven...and yes, I did have to double check the meaning from Kione. But her name couldn't fit her better. On a damp, cold October day, a sweet, calm little spirit entered my life. I will never forget how Malia looked straight into my eyes the very first time I held her. And, just as her name says, there really was a soft light rain falling from the sky. But nothing that fell from the sky that day was sweeter than what I had in my arms. Malia has continued to bring a very sweet spirit into our home. She is the first one to offer a prayer, help with baby Kiana, give a hug, write or draw a note for someone who is sad, or just be there with a warm smile. This girl LOVES to read! You can find her on any given Sunday pouring over the Friend magazines we have stashed in the living room. She gives REALLY great, and VERY thorough, Family Home Evenings. She takes amazingly wonderful care of her baby sister and "tolerates" her two older sibling's teasing and taunting the best she can. Although, I must say that in her in her later ayears she has found that fighting back works to her advantage. I love her with all of my heart...she is the greatest 7 year old I know!!!! Happy Birthday, Malia. note....this is a delinquent post, her birthday was October 22nd!

With her Birthday presents!!

Yep, they really do love each other that much....unless, of course, they're playing the Wii together!

A new apron from Grammy = cooking dinner with Mom!

Birthday party with her best buds!!!



The Gonzales 'Ohana said...

Malia is SUCH a sweetheart! A beautiful girl inside and out!

6deans said...

What a sweet post Nikki. I seriously could hear you saying those words when I read it. She is such a CUTIE. I don't know how in the heck you remember to spell her middle name...that is pretty amazing.

Jodie said...

It's nice that your kids have birthdays occassionally so we get to hear from you! :) I'm sure I"m not even close with the pronouncing of her name...thank goodness I'm in the privacy of my own home while I try.

portland self storage said...

So nice to see you guys enjoy the party. Have fun!

Jon Zero said...

why would you "have" to double check the meaning of your child's name. it's what you want it to mean not what someone else says it means. what it means to me, is, nothing.

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thanks, i'll keep reading.


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