Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Kiana!!!

It's a major blogging faux pas when you wait one whole MONTH to post your baby's first birthday!!! However, I am back in business and ready to devote this whole post to my darling little one year old. Kiana is the happiest baby ever. Her smile is constant and very contagious. She loves looking at books, and playing with anything other than her toys...that means she is in the bathroom and kitchen drawers all the time!! Needless to say, any organization that I once had is long gone. That's okay, she's well worth it. She is almost walking (would you want to walk if you had 5 other people who would carry you???), has her two bottom teeth, laughs hysterically when tickled, looooves books, puts up her one little pointer finger when you ask her how old she is, points to her eyes on demand, loves to eat
bananas, cheese sandwiches, oranges, and any piece of candy she can get her chubby little hands on. She truly is the light of our's impossible to be in a bad mood around Kiana. She is learning how to throw little tantrums which are still cute, for now. She will give kisses (the kind that come with lots of slobber) and pats your back. She dances to any music and will push her little toys that play music until she finds her best "groove out" tune. She is a joy!!!

Birthday Balloons from Dad!!!

Ladybug cake made by Mom....mysteriously missing some chunks of cake...mmmmhmmm...wonder who sampled??? Of course everyone is innocent!

Oh yeah...bring it on over!!!

The face and hands say it all...

Lots of presents with lots of helpers!

Happy Birthday, Little Kiki!!!


The Gonzales 'Ohana said...

Happy Birthday, sweet little Kiana! I love you! :)

6deans said...

What a CUTIE your little Kiana is...I am glad you blogged :)

Jodie said...

Hey Nikki! I know everyone tells you all the time, but I must repeat myself again...she is gorgeous. I thought you had your hands full with three beautiful you have four. Watch out! :)